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We are a engineering based company dealing with process control systems and process control equipments for level, flow, pressure, temperature and analytical measurement which include process sampling system.

We represent various manufacturers in this region as follow: -

AALIANT Magnetic, Target and Vortex.

a) Temperature sensor
b) Temperature transmitters 
c) Temperature signal conditioner.

ACTARIS (Formerly known as SCHLUMBERGER ) Produces process flow instrumentation since 1892 and offers industrial PD meter & coriolis mass flow meter.

A.P.C.S. Digital indicators, temperature probes, flow monitoring system air-flow probes, signal converter.

a) Ring piston or positive displacement flowmeter.
b) Hot & cold Water flowmeter

ARCA Process & Control Valve

a) Pressure switches
b) Differential pressure switches
c) Vacuum switches
d) Temperature switches

DOPAK Process sampling system which will ensure product to be contamination free, reduce environment pollution, increase safety and eliminate spillage by person that is handling the sampling system.

Eurotron Complete line of process & Laboratory calibrators for process, temperature, pressure, electrical & thermoelectric signal.

FLOWMETRICS Turbing Flowmeter for liquid gas measurement.

GESTRA Boiler equipment for steam & pressurized Hot water plants.

HENGSTLER timing & present counter.

HYCONTROL is a leading manufacturing and distributing an extensive range of instrumentation to a wide and varied customer base including: 
  • Water and Waste
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Environmental and Utilities
  • Quarry Process Industry

KEP Flow & batch controller/indicator for linking to various type of flow & level instrument.

a) Flow measuring instruments 

  • Armored safety housing glass tube variable area flowmeter 
  • Flapper type flowmeter

KLAY INSTRUMENT Pressure and level transmitters with simple ¼ NPT process connection up to flush diaphragm with various size process connection on top of flange process connection.  

a) Pressure sensor
b) Temperature sensor

METTLER TOLEDO Industrial in line measuring system: pH ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity & turbidity instrument for use in chemical processing and waste water treatment to semiconductor manufacturing.

a) Flow instrumentations
  • Plastic, glass & metal tube variable area flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic clamp on flowmeter
  • Orifice flow system 
  • Paddle type flowmeter with std 4-20mA output or link to controller for batch control

VAIHINGER NIVEAU TECHNIC Glass Tube, Reflection Liquid, Transparent and Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges.

On top of supplying the above-mentioned instruments, we also design, fabricate, install and commission complete control loop by packaging or integrate other process control systemswith our product range to suit the various process control requirement.

At the same time, we also provide engineering services such as maintaining and repairing process control systems and process control equipments by service contract; pre-commissioning or set-up services and man-power supply.

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