Steam Traps

Short Guide to Steam Trap Selection
- The GESTRA Steam Trap Range
Ball-Float Traps
- Ball Float Traps UNA
- UNA Types & Connections
Bimetallic Steam Traps
- Duo Steam Traps BK
- BK Types & Connections
Float-operated valve for special applications
- Other Traps for special applications
- Steam Traps for Large-Scale Installations
Membrane Steam Traps
- Steam Traps MK
- MK Types & Connections
Steam Trap Testing

Check (Non-Return) Valves

Gravity Circulation Checks

DISCO Dual-Plate Check Valves
DISCO Non-Return Valves
DISCO Swing-Check Valves

Boiler Blowdown Valves

Continuous Blowdown

Intermittent Blowdown
Industrial Electronics - Conductivity & Turbidity Monitoring of Condensate & Other Liquids

Conductivity Monitoring
- Manual Temperature Compensation
- Automatic Temperature Compensation
- Inductive Conductivity Monitoring
Oil & Turbidity Detection
Overboard Discharge & Cooling Water Monitoring on Ships
- Filter & Cooling Water Monitoring on Ships
Continuous Measurement

- Gestra Spector NRG 26-40


- Gestra Spector NRG 26-40

- Gestra Spector NRS 1-40
- Gestra Spector NRS 1-41