NEW design added to range of DOPAK® Spring return handles


 Spring return handles are widely used on DOPAK® sampling systems. They ensure a rest position for the sampler independent of the position in which the operator leaves the handle. Spring return handles prevent samplers from being left in the sample position by forcing the samplers to return to the circulate, purge or off position depending on the application.

DOPAK has added a NEW design to their available range of spring return handles. The new 90°-0°-90° handle will spring return from both 90° positions to the 0° position. This allows the sampling system to return from the purge or sampling position to the off position automatically when the operator releases the handle. This new design completes the spring return handle range to the following types:

Spring return handle type Application (but not limited to)

The DOPAK spring return handle provides maximum operator, process and environmental safety by:

- The operator is better shielded from chemical spillage in the event of leaving the sampler in the sample position during non sampling
- avoiding or reducing local spillage associated with accidental opening of the sampling system
- requiring the operator to hold the handle in the sample position, increasing the attention of the operator to the sampling procedure
- forcing the sampler to the system purge position while not being operated resulting in reduced sampling procedure times
- forcing the sampler to the system purge position while not being operated preventing blockages in the sampling system

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