Precision Visual Flow Control and Measurement

ngxfamily.jpgPlaton glass tube variable area flowmeters for liquid and gas measurement have established the standard for precision visual laboratory, pilot plant or industrial process measurement and control of fluid flow.

The tapered glass tube, with a 10:1 flow calibrated scale and freely rotating float, is presented in a versatile panel or surface mounting frame, behind a polycarbonate cover. Manufactured by Roxspur Measurement & Control in the UK, the latest frame style, known as the Platon NGX Series, is now being introduced to replace the original Platon G Series.

Fully compatible with the previous design, the NGX Series is engineered with a range of process fittings, using G1/4 or NPT connections, mounted on a rigid white polyester coated aluminium back-plate: importantly this retains the standard Platon rear facing emergency discharge vent to ensure operator safety. An optional multi-turn valve allows precision manual flow control, accurately monitored on the glass flow tube indicator.

The advanced NGX frame design also allows fitting of an infra-red intelligent flow alarm system, giving high or low flow indication alarms. The new Platon NGX Series frames are available with stainless steel or nickel plated brass connection blocks, with interchangeable adaptors to suit any diameter of glass flow tube. This enables a single frame to be offered for flow tubes offering water flow measurement from as low as 2cm3/min, up to a maximum of 4400L/min, or for air flows from 5cm3/min to 150L/min at ATP. Standard flowtubes are calibrated to +/-1.25%FSD for air and water, traceable to National Standards: a UKAS calibration and certificate can be provided if required. Flowtubes scaled for different gases or liquids, and for different gas pressures, are available custom made to suit specific site conditions, with most of the standard industrial requirements available ex-stock.

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