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Inspired measurement technology from KOBOLD

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Whenever it is necessary to rely on tried and trusted impeller technology for measuring or monitoring you always make the right choice with the DFT impeller flow gauge.


The modular construction of this series makes the system universally applicable, economic and space saving. The DFT fully meets industrial requirements for efficient and economic production technology. The optional Teflon casing makes it a very reliable measuring system for use with aggressive media.

With its large measuring range from 0.1 - 0.5 to 3 - 60 litres per minute, the DFT impeller flow gauge provides a suitable solution for a large variety of applications. With its maximum operating temperature of 80 °C and a maximum pressure of 16 bar (when operated with the brass casing) this device can be used for virtually all process conditions.

The core piece of the KOBOLD impeller is a ring magnet fitted such that it is hermetically sealed off from the flow medium. It transmits the rotary motion of the impeller to a Hall sensor mounted on the casing touch-free. This converts the rotary motion into a frequency signal proportional to the flow. The downline KOBOLD evaluation electronics then convert this signal into either a digital display or into a standard analogue signal, or it can also be used for switching up to two limit-value signals. Light emitting diodes indicate operational readiness and switching condition of the limit value relay.

Combined with KOBOLD electronics, this system provides the most precise measurement results, even under difficult conditions.

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Rotary piston meter from the House of KOBOLD

Friday, November 16th, 2007

The new DRZ rotary piston meter offers you a universal flow measurement device that operates using the displacement principle. Its flexible use in measuring the flow of liquids of every consistency in many industrial sectors makes it particularly attractive.


Its very compact construction, modular design and the purely mechanical method of functioning guarantee you the right solution for complex measurement applications. The devices are designed to cope with harsh everyday industrial use.

With its measuring range of 6 to 420 litres per hour and a precision of 1 % of the measured value, the DRZ rotary piston meter is the solution for a great number of applications. The maximum operating temperature is 80 °C, and the maximum pressure is 40 bar. Mechanical connection is provided by means of either a G thread or an NPT thread. KOBOLD rotary piston meters can be operated within a range of 5 to 100 mm²/s regardless of the viscosity involved. The brass casing and aluminium rotary piston provides a robust basis for industrial use.

Combined with KOBOLD evaluation electronics you can choose between a frequency output with an open collector or an analogue output. The device is also available with the compact KOBOLD electronics so you have the option of an easily readable LED, various switching outputs and a 4-20 mA analogue output.

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Universal dosing with the KOBOLD ADI-Z

Friday, November 16th, 2007

The new universal KOBOLD ADI-Z dosing device offers varied functions such as flow display, flow quantity counter, dosing functions and the display and monitoring of pressure and temperature threshold values in one device.


An added benefit of this device is the comfortable operation, and its clearly arranged and easily readable displays.

The 4 1/2-character digital display shows the momentary flow reading. The 2-line LCD displays both the current accumulated flow quantity as well as the pressure and temperature with the use of two additional sensor inputs. A comfortable batch function controls 2 switching outputs, either individually or in loop operation as desired. There are also 2 control inputs for remote start and stop. The incoming signals are digitized and processed in a µ-processor. The scaling of the display, the switch actuation point setting, save function and linearization are achieved using the three programming keys.

The device has the following flow controller functions as standard:

  • Free scaling using teach-In or by entering the impulse rate
  • MIN/MAX memory
  • 9-point sensor linearization (only frequency input)

In addition to the standard functions the device can also be fitted with an analogue output (0(4)-20 mA) and a sensor supply (5/12/24 VDC).

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